Aero Cambodia

Standard Flight Plans

ROLUOS GROUP - allow up to 20 minutes - US$120

FLOATING VILLAGE "Phnom Krom" - allow up to 20 minutes - US$155

PHNOM KROM / ROLUOS GROUP - all up to 25 minutes - US$155

MAIN TEMPLE ROUTE - Banteay Samre, East Mebon, Pre Rup, Sra Srang, Angkor Wat. Allow up to 40 minutes - US$175

PHNOM KROM TEMPLE - Know that flying feeling and view Phnom Krom hilltop temple, up to approx 15 minutes - US$85

SEE THE LOT - allow up to 1 hour - US$350

Customised Flights

We can make other flights on request, subject to safety conditions, controlled airspace requirements and approval. Email your requirements and we will get back to you