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 Welcome to Aero(Cambodia)Airline Limited 

Standard Flight Plans

ROLUOS GROUP - allow up to 20 minutes. US$85

FLOATING VILLAGE "Phnom Krom" - allow up to 20 minutes. US$85

MAIN TEMPLE ROUTE - Banteay Samre, East Mebon, Pre Rup, Sra
Srang, Angkor Wat. Allow up to 40 minutes. US$140

JOYRIDE up to approx 10 minutes - US$50. Know that 'flying feeling'.

SEE THE LOT - allow up to one hour. US$225

Customised Flights

We can make other flights on request, subject to safety considerations, controlled airspace requirements, and approval. EMAIL your requirements and we will get back to you.

Terms and Conditions

We fly only one passenger at a time, to a maximum weight of 110 Kg.

To minimise thermal turbulence we fly 7am to 11am and 3pm to 6pm.

Standard route times vary according to weather, boarding and disembarking.


Always best in advance or through your package tour operator

Note in Low Season

Low season is variable due to weather and with staff leave and annual maintenance season for us

Phnom Penh - Main office

#105 Street 164

Make a Booking

Select a flight, then EMAIL your preferred date, time, and route. We will advise availability.

When confirming we will ask you to phone us on arrival at you hotel, so we can better arrange days regards weather and pick up.

Call us from the phone at reception in your hotel.

For further information -

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